How You Can Prevent School Shootings


(photo by Tucker Good)

The Florida school shooting that killed 17 people was the 273rd attack in America since the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack in 2012.

In total, 430 people have been shot, most of them kids.

You can help prevent future shootings. How? By voting and sharing information with your friends on social media.

You are powerful. You can exercise your right to vote. You can vote against the lawmakers that have voted against gun control laws and vote in lawmakers that will vote for gun control laws. You can share your information with everyone you know.

If you are eighteen are older, you can register to vote. Google search: “How to register to vote in (your state)”

When you receive your ballot, another simple google search will tell you how the candidates will vote in regards to gun control. Google search: “Where does (candidate’s name) stand on gun control?”

Vote for a candidate that will stand up for gun control.

How did your lawmaker vote on gun control?

In 2016, our lawmakers had 4 chances to change gun control laws. Each time they failed to reach the 60 votes necessary to pass those laws. (From this article at

Here is how the vote tallies broke down:

Dianne Feinstein’s Democratic amendment, that the Washington Post notes, would “let the attorney general deny firearms and explosive to any suspected terrorist.”




John Cornyn‘s Republican amendment that would allow the government to delay the sale of a firearm to terror suspects “only if [the attorney general] could prove to a judge within three business days of the attempted sale there was probable cause to suspect the buyer of ties to terrorism,” according to the Post.



Chris Murphy’s Democratic amendment that would “expand background checks for anyone trying to purchase a firearm at a gun show or online,” according to the Washington Post.



Chuck Grassley‘s Republican amendment that increases funding for background checks but does not make them mandatory.



Now get out there and change the world.

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8 thoughts on “How You Can Prevent School Shootings

  1. Sorry my comment came twice…please delete it…but you know I have to say this. Despite what he did, I feel so sorry for that kid who no one paid attention to. He was braying with pain…please help me. Look at the record. How many times the cops came. And why was he expelled? No one has provided that info. I was a troubled kid that only by the grace of God, managed to stay above the radar. Why didn’t someone see what was coming, because he sure got everyone’s attention now. Sigh…Again, I appreciate you writing about it. Susannah

    Liked by 2 people

    • I wish I knew the solution from that perspective. We can’t know everything that happened to him, all the circumstances, and the care he did or did not receive. I’m not going to make a judgment about the people or agencies that we might think “should have done something.” Certainly we can improve our detection systems to help identify kids in need and get them that help. I read that the Department of Children and Families was not notified when Cruz’s mother died. Obviously that protocol needs to be put in place and I’m sure there are others. We as individuals can reach out to people in need within our communities.

      This is a tragedy from many angles.


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