Mexican Ceramicist Serapio Medrano

Serapio Medrano is a Mexican ceramicist living in Tonala near Guadalajara.

Serapio is the son of Candelario Medrano, a famous cermacist from the 1970’s. Candelario was a pipe-maker who began making sculptures out of the clay he was using.


These pictures of his dad hang in his room.

Serapio Medrano Sculpture

Two of his sculptures in the El Nual Gallery at Casa De Los Flores Bed and Breakfast. Some of Serapio’s subjects are the nagual. A nagual is a shapeshifter person who can transform into a devil or a strange creature.

Some of his brightly colored creations.

Serapio’s painting table.

Serapio gives us a tour of his home and studio.

Serapio working in his open air studio.

Art that hangs in his studio.

Serapio is small in stature but has a fiery artistic spirit!

Serapio and his wood-fired, brick kiln.

Serapio outside his home and studio.


One of his sculptures in our shop, Hello! Good Morning! in Portland, Oregon.

Tonala, Guadalajara, Mexico.

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